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Our companies specializes in providing professional service in accounting and taxes. We provide services tailor-made to clients’ needs so that they can receive all data on time in order to have up-to-date accounting data for increasing their turnover.

We are aware that in each company efficient functioning and financial planning depends on right figures available at the right time, and therefore, we approach our clients accordingly. We are able to produce the majority of reports within one day subject to agreement. Complex accounting reports and statements are produced within a week after submitting the complete underlying documents.

We provide comprehensive accounting and tax services starting from VAT, controlling reports, summary reports, salary-related agenda, over to filling in Intrastat, checking accounting documents, providing audit support up to producing extensive financial statements incl. annexes and company liquidations.

We use our own accounting software in our own offices; however we are able to work in clients’ software and do the work at the clients’ based on their specific requirements.

Clients who are VAT payers are handled by Lancera Consulting s.r.o., non-payers are handled by Companies.cz Accounting s.r.o.

We are providing our services both in Czech and English language and we can also produce all reports in in Czech and English language subject to agreement.

We do our best to meet our clients' requirements. Open mutual communication is crucial for us. Data security and clients’ protection are a must for us under any circumstances.


We provide comprehensive services both to Czech and foreign clients. English language is our second nature.



Our companies provides comprehensive accounting.

More about service

Our companies provides comprehensive accounting services starting from taking over and posting accounting documents up to producing accounting reports, statements and other reports according to clients’ requirements.

We keep the books tailor-made to our clients’ individual requirements and needs. We work both for large legal entities and small sole traders.

Our services comprise:

  • complete booking and maintaining books  
  • keeping and processing liabilities and receivables
  • keeping records of small and long-term assets
  • preparing and sending payment orders
  • booking travel reimbursements and business trips
Single-entry book-keeping

Single-entry book-keeping

We do the entire single entry book keeping for our clients.

More about service

We do the entire single-entry book keeping for our clients together with our tax advisors. Naturally, we represent our clients in front of tax administration bodies based on power of attorney.

Professional and individual approach to each client is crucial for us.

Our services comprise:

  • complete processing and book keeping under single-entry system
  • processing value added tax return
  • processing road tax return
  • processing real estate tax return
  • processing real estate transfer tax return
  • processing income tax return
  • producing financial statement 
Salary agenda

Salary agenda

We take care of all legal obligations related to processing salary agenda.

More about service

We take care of all legal obligations related to processing salary agenda for all types of labour contracts (full-time or part-time employment, work agreement, work activity agreement).

Our services comprise:

  • complete processing of salaries and HR agenda
  • reporting new employees to Czech Social Security Service and health insurance companies
  • processing monthly salaries of employees (payroll reports, salary cards and monthly overviews)
  • issuing payment orders
  • booking travel reimbursements and business trips
  • completing applications for allowances, credits, etc.
  • representing in front of relevant bodies in relation to controls
  • processing pension records cards, annual tax balance
  • providing labour-law consultancy incl. drafting employment contracts 
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Price list

The price for providing the legal services is set up always on the basis of concrete client with taking into account the time and expertise range for each Accounting unit. It is possible to agree on the calculation of price based on Accounting items, hourly rate o agreed set fee.

In the care there will not be other agreement made the price for Accounting would be set according to this price list. The prices are mentioned without VAT:

  • Accounting items
    35,- CZK / one item 
  • Processing of Income tax report including all attachments
    12.500,- CZK / one Income tax report 
  • Processing of the salary (including employment registration and termination and processing the reports to Health Insurance companies and Social authority)
    500,- CZK / first employee
    250,- CZK / each other employee
  • Processing of VAT report
    1.000,- CZK / single report 
  • Processing of controlling report
    500,- CZK / single report 
  • Processing of International report
    1.000,- CZK / single report 
  • Accounting consultation
    900,- CZK / hour
  • Other non- specified workd (ex- representation in front of the authorities)
    900,- CZK / hour
  • Tax advisor services
    3.000,- CZK / hour

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